“We had the pleasure of hiring Terry Rich. He did a phenomenal job…really got our people riled up. If you have a chance to hire Terry or talk to him, I highly recommend it.” “

Vy Wang
I-3 International

How a lottery ticket, a hot dog and Bigfoot foiled the largest lottery fraud in US history.

Your day’s going great… and then you get the unexpected call that a fraud may have occurred under your watch. Your decision and direction could affect jobs, your business and personal friendships. As most companies focus on external hacking and fraud, Terry Rich will discuss an internal vendor fraud case to explore how established checks and balances, and a little luck, helped crack the largest lottery fraud in US history.

The audience will leave with:

  • A sense of pride for overseeing compliance and internal fraud
  • ​Little-known details about a well-known US lottery case.
  • Understanding of why it’s important to “Do the Right Thing”.

This program is perfect for:

  • ​IT security, compliance, finance and CPA educational conferences.
  • Your large conference keynote.
  • A “wake up” keynote needed when other sessions are boring
  • Small or big businesses who could use a wake up call about internal fraud.

Keynotes and sessions available in-person or virtually.