Terry Rich is a successful CEO, international speaker, author and recent CEO of the Iowa Lottery, a $350 million enterprise.

Under his leadership, the Iowa Lottery cracked the nation’s largest lottery fraud and for those efforts, he received the prestigious international GamblingCompliance Outstanding Achievement Award. This case demonstrated the importance of an organization’s checks and balances and how to identify when something doesn’t feel right.

Prior to the lottery, he was CEO of the Blank Park Zoo (that’s right… a “Zoo Dude”). While at the zoo, he introduced innovative events, such as Zoo Brew, and programs that turned the deficit-plagued organization profitable.

Earlier, he was President and CEO of Rich Heritage Inc., a national marketing and television production company which produced shows for HBO, ESPN and Comcast, among others; and Vice President of Marketing for Heritage Communications Inc.

His current book, “Dare to Dream, Dare to Act” lays the ground work for his inspirational keynotes which are filled with real stories of creativity, innovation, risk and success. Terry Rich is a proven leader and businessman who shares the keys behind developing innovative solutions while maintaining your integrity.

As an entrepreneur, Terry developed Rich Heritage Inc., along with four other companies including radio station KBBM, US Digital Video, Newsletter Ease, and the World Championship Socker League, LLC.

He has appeared as a business and idea expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, Sirius XM and Fox News; movie host on Starz!; and as a panel guest on the “Tonight Show.”

Terry has won numerous entrepreneurial and leadership awards in television production and marketing, has a Bachelor of Science in Speech from Iowa State University, is Governor Emeritus at ISU, a member of the legacy Cable TV “Pioneers” and Director Emeritus of the Blank Park Zoo.  He also served on the board of Powerball and is Past President of the North American Lottery Association.

“Terry Rich is an award-winning marketer, not an internal auditor.  He can present a story that all employees can understand.”