Terry Rich tells the story of Socker Slam™, demonstrating why he’s the “Idea Dude”.

It was a unique sports entertainment program that gained a loyal national following in a short amount of time. As part of the non-traditional soccer game, the action breaks the clutter while also showcasing pure soccer skills. Basically, its soccer played the way American fans wanted to enjoy it. Then recently, the subscription-based sports website The Athletic featured Socker Slam as its main-page story and fans rediscovered the show all over again in 2023 in an international Hearst TV Documentary.

What audiences take away from this unique story:

  • The 5 key lessons of starting a new business.
  • How to capitalize on an international pastime in a new, creative way.
  • Why acting on a new dream brings success.
  • The risks and rewards of change and trying new things.
  • How to “push the envelope” without being politically incorrect.
  • Entrepreneur lessons that can be used in any new business.