“This is the second event I’ve had him at for two different clients. The whole crowd was engaged. Can’t wait to have him again.”

Afton Holt
Cornerstone Marketing

“That was awesome!”

It’s the survey response every event organizer desires and it’s the one guaranteed by the CEO who has had fame and fortune through creating an environment where every participant gets to be awesome. It’s time your group experiences the secrets to “Creating an Innovative Environment”.

With his journey from “Farm Boy to CEO”, Terry Rich connects with his audience as he discusses the formula for successful innovation. He seamlessly weaves his stories of business and fame and provides practical applications for success any audience will appreciate.

Terry will describe the critical path to “Creating the Innovative Environment” which includes:

  • Daring to Dream
  • Daring to Act

Fame, fortune, failure, success. Be inspired, Be entertained. Believe. But be ready to experience awesome. Terry Rich…. heck even his name says success.

Keynotes and sessions available in-person or virtually.